1in.Trevor Brazile Relentless BLACK Extreme Roper Gel Saddle Pad

  • $359.99

All Relentless pads are a unique single-piece design which allows fora much more durable pad that has zero pressure points. Each pad iscontoured to the shape of a horse’s back and features a wither reliefcutout. The leather spine runs the full length of the pad and wrapscompletely around the cutout to reduce stress on the pad while providinglong-lasting leather reinforcement. High-impact absorbing gel insertsrun the length of the pad and are positioned right under the bars of asaddle. The gel evenly disperses the energy and stress created by hitsand pressure during a roping run. 100% Merino wool lining offers maximum horse comfort. The lightweight, breathable material wicks away moisture and allows heat to escape from the horse’s back.
Size: 31" L x 30" W
Thickness: 1"

  • Black Felt
  • Cactus Saddlery
  • Relentless Extreme Gel Pad
  • Trevor Brazile
  • Dense Wool Felt
  • 31" x 30" x 1" thick
  • Shock Absorbing Gel Inserts
  • Merino Wool
  • Fleece Lining
  • Contoured Shape
  • High Quality Wear Leathe