Cinto Cafe De Pita Fina

  • $997.99

Belt made in Jalisco, hand embroidered art work.  2 inches wide. Piteado is an artisan technique where pita or ixtle (thread made from the fiber of the century plant  is  embroidered onto leather in decorative patterns. The piteado work is a traditional art craft made by hand used in some Mexican Folklore, and has spread to several communities in other Mexican states, including HidalgoGuerreroVeracruzSan Luis PotosiState of MexicoDurangoZacatecasGuerreroMichoacán, and Chiapas.
Estos cintos son hechos a mano por artesanos mexicano
  • Fina Pita Original
  • Estilo: Charro
  • Hecho a Mano
  • Ancho: 2.0" (2 Pulgadas)
  • Fabricado en Mexico
  • Final Sale