Classic Equine Performance Straight Shank Bit with Smooth Bar Floating Spade

  • $65.97

The 7-1/2-inch cheek style is next in the lineup. Extremely versatile, this bit can be used for training drills, pleasure riding, or competition. This cheek has a 2-1/2-inch purchase with a 5-inch shank. The shank is swept back, like the 6-inch model, but to a lesser degree, which offers more leverage and control. When properly adjusted, it is still considered a mild cheek, but one with plenty of leverage for control at increased speeds. The Floating Spade has a stainless steel cheek with inlaid copper floating spade mouthpiece. The mouthpiece wraps over the tongue with applied pressure. This is a great bit to introduce a horse to palate pressure as you transition to ported bits and taller corrections. SSPSBIT7SS24