Tough1 600 Denier Stable Blanket w/Belly Warmer. Cobija De Caballo

Tough1 600 Denier Stable Blanket w/Belly Warmer. Cobija De Caballo

  • $84.00

Cobija De Caballo

  • Carcasa exterior de 600 denier – material de fuerza media – no recomendado para caballos que pueden morder o masticar.
  • Relleno de poliéster de 8.82 oz. Proporciona calor medio/pesado y protección contra el viento y la lluvia.
  • Forro de poliéster de 210 denier: evita rozaduras y ayuda a mantener el pelaje brillante mientras que evita que el pelo, las virutas y la pajita se peguen al interior de la manta.
  • Transpirable: diseñado para permitir que el vapor de humedad pase la mecha lejos del caballo y evitar la sudoración mientras mantiene el calor corporal y repele el frío exterior.
  • Ribete de nailon pesado: doble costura para asegurar el material y proporcionar durabilidad adicional.

Tough1 600 Denier Stable Blanket

Keep your horse warm and comfortable with this Tough1 stable blanket. In addition to a 600 Denier outer shell, 250 grams of polyfill provides medium/heavy warmth and protection from wind. The 210 Denier poly lining prevents rubbing and helps to keep the coat shiny while preventing hair, shavings, and straw from sticking to the inside of the blanket. The snap front feature makes this blanket easy to put on, with a contoured fit that will keep your horse warm.

Note: This is a stable blanket and is not waterproof. Not recommended for horses that may bite or chew.


  • Breathable and moisture-wicking to prevent sweating while retaining body heat and repelling outside coldness
  • Double-sewn heavy nylon binding secures material and provides additional durability
  • Double-sewn reinforced stress points to help prevent tears
  • Seamed back with contour hip
  • Velcro secure double buckle clip front closure with rust-resistant nickel hardware
  • Belly wrap with elastic straps
  • Adjustable elastic leg straps help to secure the blanket and prevent from shifting from side to side
  • Cutback neck helps to fit wider horses with higher withers
  • Deep shoulder with extra gussets for comfort and secure fit

Item Specifications:

600 Denier outer shell


Measuring Instructions:
Stand your horse as square as possible, and measure from the center of chest around side of the body to the point of the horse's rump just before the tail. If your horse ends up measuring between sizes, always round up to the next size to ensure full coverage.

Washing Instructions:
To keep your blanket as comfortable as possible for your horse and to maximize the blanket's life, it is recommended that you clean your blanket annually. First, remove excess dirt from the outside of the blanket with a brush and hose. The blanket can then be washed either by hand, or on a delicate cycle with cool water in a commercial washer. Use only very mild soap. When the blanket has been washed, allow to drip dry and ensure that the blanket is thoroughly dry before storage. Do not put your horse's blanket in the dryer or wash with hot water. Do not store your horse's blanket if damp or wet.